NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council)

NPTC qualifications can be used not only for general chainsaw work but also for working on Forestry Commission land and in Arboriculture.

NPTC offer an assessment only. Usually a Lantra Awards “training only” course is required in order to cover items for assessment, as there is no such thing as an “NPTC training course”.

Technically, there is no legal requirement for training before sitting an NPTC
assessment, however, without appropriate training, a candidate is very unlikely to pass the assessment – unless they are exceptionally experienced, fully aware of all relevant current health and safety aspects and fully conversant both theoretically and practically with current chainsaws and techniques.

LANTRA Awards Integrated Training And Assessmemt (ITA) Courses

The instructor trains and assesses the candidate on the training course itself.

In both cases the trainee is assessed, so they have a Certificate of Competence.

Chainsaw training is progressive, you can’t take Stage 3 for example without
passing Stage 1 first and then Stage 2, and the further the progression, the more apparent the difference becomes between Lantra Awards and NPTC.