Jobs in Wales

Further good news for Wales, unemployment rates have fallen. Unemployment is now at 6.6%, decreasing 0.2% over 3 months. This means that 96,000 people are currently unemployed in Wales, compared to 132,000 people who were officially without work over the same period in 2012. 

What do more jobs in Wales mean?

This news comes at a time of increasing economic growth in Wales which is already having positive effects on local areas. Ongoing investments in our local areas have been put into place to improve the appearance and activity surrounding us. Increased employment opportunities will support the continuing changes being made in North Wales and across the country.

Welsh Secretary Stephan Crabb has commented on how pleased he is with the reduced number of young people who are unemployed. Wales online reported Crabb as saying “Getting young people onto the jobs ladder is an important objective for us. The figures show that there is still more work to be done, so it is essential that we stick to our long-term economic plan which is bearing real fruit now for Wales “

Youth unemployment is falling faster in Wales than in any other part of the UK, an encouraging sign for the country and hopefully a sign of things to come. As the UK continues to pull itself further and further from the recession and the bad taste it left, Wales is doing its part to support a better economic climate for us all.

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