Health and Safety Concerns in Agriculture

There are 3 agricultural work related deaths every month in the UK which makes farming the countries’ most dangerous industry.  Only 1% of labouring jobs are in the agricultural sector, and yet 20% of all labouring related accidents are agricultural.

Despite these frightening statistics, many farm workers are not undergoing training unless it is compulsory.  Understandably, as profits on farms recede or in some cases diminish, farmers are more likely to use all there hours for productive labour.  This becomes dangerous when further cost savings are made by stretching those productive hours too far to compensate for the weather and lack of staff, such as working at heights and operating chainsaws unsupervised.

Perhaps one way forward is to take on an apprentice which could help keep labour costs down whilst developing a valued employee by passing on years of experience and know-how and ensuring you don’t have to work alone in the process.

Training for the future can certainly help by running 1 day vocational training courses, new or refresher, in plant, chainsaw and machinery operations as well as working at heights, manual handling and other health and safety specific subjects, for you or your apprentice.  We can also advise you about potential funding steams.

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