Forklift Driver

The importance of proper accredited training is obvious to those who work in the industry. It is not only a risk for the employers, it is a physical risk to employees to not maintain up-to-date training when working with forklift trucks.

Unfortunately this was not clear to a company in East Anglia. The East Anglia Daily Times has reported that a 27 year old agency worker has suffered serious injuries. The worker was operating a forklift truck whilst the clamp attachment was raised, this resulted in the truck overturning and crushing him. It has been reported that he has had to have his spleen removed and is now on permanent antibiotics. Poor training has changed this young man’s life forever. The HSE has stated that the company were using “cost cutting strategies”, in which they would train their own staff but not agency workers, and yet let agency workers operate machinery they were not capable of operating. These strategies have now cost the company over £27’000 in fines and penalties.

Too often we hear of injuries occurring through a lack of proper training. It’s not a joke; it’s for the safety of all the workers out there, whether you are operating forklift trucks, cranes or even a chainsaw. Real training will ensure you know what you’re doing, and avoid any accidents.

How to Become a Proper Forklift Driver

At Training For The Future we are an approved Lantra Award training provider. We believe in real training and proper assessment. Our team is made up of friendly people who are highly experienced in the land based sector. Together we have over 18 years of training experience. We have a common sense approach to our courses and ensure quality. We offer courses in many sectors, these are : Agriculture, Amenities Forestry, Arboriculture, Construction Industry, Driver B and E Trailer Towing, Driver CPC, Environmental and Conservation and finally Horticulture.

Those who choose us for their training comment on how friendly and efficient we are. Your days spent training don’t necessarily have to be dull and boring, yes you’re here to further your education, but we’re all down to earth people, and we want you to enjoy your time with us as much as possible. We are located in the centre of a working dairy farm in mid wales, surrounded by 360 acres of Welsh countryside, including an area of forest, so we can certainly offer whatever you need to complete your training.

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