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Today’s farmers face all kinds of issues, the unpredictable UK weather for one, even this year we have seen flooding devastate farmers and farming communities, the just as unpredictable economic climate is another hazard which farmers have struggled with, like the rest of us over the past few years. But now it looks like a new threat is on the horizon. And I bet you won’t guess what it is … 

Wolves and eagles. Yes, wolves and eagles. A senior conservationist has suggested reintroducing the two species into North Wales. Farming bodies are outraged at the proposition, fearing the safety of their livestock, especially lambs. Farmers have described the idea as a “dangerous fantasy”.

What do wolves have to offer to farming today?

Wild wolves have not been seen in Wales for over 400 years and golden eagle sighting occur, but they are few and far between, the most recent sighting being last month. Spotted near Wrexham, it was the first sighting of a golden eagle in Wales since 1990.

Mr. Albert, director of the National Trust in Wales, is reported as saying “Farmers may be worried about golden eagles snatching their lambs, but I would give £100 to each farmer that it happened to. I just don’t believe it will be a problem”. But many farmers disagree, claiming the reintroduction of these animals would not only be a problem for livestock, but also for dogs as wolves are territorial creatures.

A Farmers Union spokesman has said “The onus should be on protecting what we have, including mundane animals and plants which might not be as sexy as eagles or wolves but still need looking after”.

The romanticism of reintroducing such beautiful animals is undeniable, I think we can all agree to see a wild wolf would be an amazing experience, but then so would seeing a velociraptor, and we all know what happened in Jurassic Park right?

It is certainly a risky concept, and I can’t seem to get that old phrase out of my head … a wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed.

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