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Flooding has had a huge effect on farmer’s livelihoods in the past, even threatened them entirely. This threat flows down to everyone else, by upping the price of day-to-day foods, and leaving gaps on supermarket shelves. The UK farming industry is a vital part of the British economy and quite literally keeps the masses fed. When flooding struck in 2007 the repercussions were huge for the population, it changed the cost of living significantly, and we are still recovering now. The lack of insurance on crops meant farmers were the worst hit, losing thousands of pounds in ruined crops, or wasted stock due to a lack of accessibility. But now, a change in funding offers farmers some hope if the worst should happen, again.

Farmers News – Flooding Support 

There has been new funding put in place to help farmers recover from flood damage. After flooding there can be a lot of damage to equipment, stock and crops. The new funding will help farmers that are affected get back to normal levels of productivity. The economic aid will recover uninsured losses; it is designed to help in four areas: the restoration of productive grassland, the restoration of productive arable and horticultural land, restoring farm vehicle access to fields and improvements to agriculture drainage. The new system will allow farmers that are affected by flooding to apply for emergency finance of up to £5000 thus insuring the continuing growing of stock and feeding of livestock. The funding is called The Farming Recovery Fund, the majority will be reserved for farming businesses that remain affected by flooding to get productivity back as soon as possible.

For more information you can go to The Farming Recovery Fund’s website or email

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