Farm Safety

Safety should always come first in all workplaces. The farming industry revolves around physical work, this results in many possible hazards. The farming industry has seen a huge rise in personal injury insurance claims. Many of which are having lifetime effects on those injured and their family and friends. The newly founded NFU Mutual Farm Safety Foundation is concentrating on risk management. They are working closely with farmers to help them understand and avoid such accidents. The majority of the claims being reported are injuries that have occurred after a fall from a height. Lindsey Sinclair, chief executives for NFU Mutual has commented that “The number of serious accidents on farms is getting worse, not better”.

Health and Safety Executive urges farmers to face risk management

The figures are shocking, when you learn that farming accounts for just 1.5 per cent of the UK workforce but it is where 15-20 per cent of workplace fatalities occur. Farming has always been a dangerous profession, but often simple safety regulations can avoid tragedy. The Health and Safety Executive, known as HSE, has supported NFU Mutuals findings, they claim that the sector has a poor record at managing risk. Rick Brunt, head of agriculture at HSE has suggested that the figures don’t show the change such injuries have on the families of those injured or killed.

The loss of a loved one should not be over something as easily maintained as workplace safety. NFU Mutual, with support of the HSE plan to reduce these alarming figures and make farms a continually safe place to work.
NFU regulatory affairs adviser, Ben Ellis, has warned that changes in the way farmers work should be introduced in obviously dangerous situations, such as when working on roofs, but also in situations where workers are climbing on vehicles and other incidents where risk may not be as obvious.

At Training For The Future we support and teach safety management in everything we do. We encouraged all workers to work a safely as possible, because your life and the lives around you can change in an instant. For example a farm worker was killed in Hereford in an incident involving ploughing equipment and many others have suffered the same fate, this emphasizes how desperately safety needs to be improved in the farming industry. Fatal incidents should be an extremely rare occurrence in any workplace, rather than a grouping of statistics. We hope for a brighter future in safety for the industry.

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