The HS&E Test ID Policy has changed

CITB HS&E Test ID Policy
CITB Identification (ID) Requirements for HS&E Tests

Important information
All documents presented by the candidate as identification must:
• be originals (no photocopies or digital copies)
• be in date (valid) at the time of being provided (not expired)
• be in the candidate’s name (which must match the name on the test booking)*
*Candidates must provide additional evidence if their name has changed since the ID document was issued. This additional evidence must be original and show a clear link between the name shown on the candidate’s ID and their current name, such as a marriage or civil partnership certificate, a decree absolute or decree nisi papers or a deed poll.
Candidates will not be admitted for a test if the required forms of ID are not provided and the test fee will not be reimbursed.
Primary ID
Candidates must provide one form of Primary ID. The Primary ID must include the candidate’s:
• full name
• a recognisable photograph
• signature
Choose one of the following:
Passport (UK or International)
Photocard Driving Licence (UK or European)
Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or Biometric Residence Card (BRC)

If candidates do not have the required form of Primary ID, they may present two forms of Secondary ID. This must include one from List A and one from List B.
Secondary ID
Choose one from List A and one from List B
List A
Must be valid and include the candidate’s name and a recognisable photograph
Non-UK/Non-EU Photocard Driving Licence
Passport without signature
European National Identity Card
CitizenCard or other proof of age card showing the PASS hologram
Young Scot Card showing the PASS hologram
CSCS card or CSCS Partner card showing the CSCS Logo (Hologram)
UK Armed Forces ID card
UK Armed Forces Veteran ID Card
UK Home Office Travel Document

List B
Must be valid and include the candidate’s name and signature
UK Paper Driving Licence (issued before 31 March 2000)
Credit Card
Debit Card

Other ID
HS&E Test ID Waiver Form
– Only to be used in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances where the candidate cannot provide the required Primary or Secondary ID
– The HS&E Test ID Waiver Form must include a countersigned photograph of the candidate and their signature
– Further guidance can be found on the letter attached to the HS&E Test ID Waiver Form
Under 16 Confirmation of Identification Form
– Only to be used where the candidate is under 16 and cannot provide the required ID
– This form must be completed together with the parental consent form and be signed by someone in a position of responsibility at the school or college that the candidate attends
– Further guidance can be found on the letter attached to the Under 16 Confirmation of ID Form
Should you have any queries or concerns regarding ID requirements, please contact the Testing Customer Service team on 0344 994 4488.

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