At Training For The Future we offer a range of CPCS courses. We thought we’d give you the details of what exactly a CPCS course is and how it can benefit you.

CPCS stands for the Construction Plant Competence scheme, the scheme was established as a way of certifying workers to be able to properly use and safety check the machines they work with. Although it is not the law to have a CPCS card to work on a construction plant, it certainly establishes a level of competency. On some reputable sites such as Major Contractors Group and National Contractors Federation they require most employees to carry a CPCS card with them to operate the majority of the plants.

The training focusses on health and safety checks and a working competence, which is essential when dealing with this kind of machinery. CPCS has become industry standard for the construction industry and other sectors, as way to maintain safety levels and the quality of work being produced.

How does CPCS benefit you? 

As a plant operator it is important you continue to sustain high levels of health and safety, not only for you, but for those around you, getting a CPCS qualification will ensure you are doing the correct checks and using machinery properly. It’s never worth the risk of guessing. As well as this you will find it easier to secure work, a CPCS card tells an employer you know what you’re doing, and here is the proof.

As an employer, the Construction Plant Competence Scheme has made it easier to ensure standards are kept high and hazards to a minimum. By either getting your employees trained on a CPCS course, or hiring employees who are already trained, you are securing the quality of your business output.

Our CPCS Courses at Training For The Future 

We offer the following courses: the Future:

 Excavator 180° (Wheeled)

 Forward Tipping Dumper

 Excavator 360°(Crawler and Wheeled)

 Telescopic Handler (all sizes)

 Dump Truck Articulated (all sizes)

 Crawler Tractor / Dozer

 Agricultural Tractor

 Lorry Loader (Hook, Clamshell, Clamp)

 Ride on Roller

 Crawler Crane

 Rough Terrain Forklift

 Industrial Forklift

 Slinger Signaller

 Mobile Elevating Work Platform (Boom/scissor)

 Loading Shovel (Wheeled / Tracked)

Our staff have a wealth of experience in training for the construction industry and we offer an common sense approach. We have all the facilities you need on site, as we are located on a working Dairy farm in Mid Wales. We have all sorts of terrain from our quarry site, to woodland areas. We are a welcoming place for you to complete your CPCS course.

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