It has been reported this week that concerns over future employment, or lack of, should be listened to. Figures have shown that millions of people in the UK are training for non-existent jobs, creating a huge surplus of trained people without work. Pressure is mounting on the government to transfer their efforts. Instead of encouraging and enabling people into training schemes for jobs that have little demand, they should be locating and advertising the industries that have available work. 

Why work in Construction?

The Local Government Association has predicted that by 2022 the surplus of workers will have reached 5.5 million. After investigating data from 2012 it was found that there were around 94,000 people studying ‘hair and beauty’ when there were only vacancies for about 18,000. In the same year there were only 123,000 people training in construction, an industry which, at the time, had 273,000 vacancies.

Worries over the repercussions this will have, come with the undeniable facts that there simply isn’t the work available for all the hopeful trainees.

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