Agricultural Land for Sale

Agricultural Land in North Wales has sky rocketed in price. Demand for the land is at a high, despite the financial crisis the interest in the land has continued to be steady and over the past few months has reached very profitable heights at local auctions.

Plots are selling for the equivalent of around £17,000 an acre and one plot even sold for £25,000 an acre! Auctioneers Jones Peckover, who deal with plots in Anglesey and Denbighshire, held an auction that banked about £1.3m for slightly over 100 acres. Agricultural land in North Wales has always been sought after, but these are record highs for the land.

Mathew Holmberg, an auctioneer for Jones Peckover, believes that a favourable tax regime, investor cash and expansion in the farming industry has pushed the market up. Farming is an industry that has experienced increased demand in recent years, and new technologies and machinery are increasing productivity and profit. Farming is certainly seen as a stable financial endeavour in the unpredictable economic climate.

Seas of buyers are all after the same thing, but there is only so much land, they’re not exactly making anymore! Holmberg says “buyers may take the view that if they do not buy now then that particular piece of land may not come up for sale again for maybe 50 years”. And so in the business of agricultural land, owners are in an extremely profitable position. But who knows where the market will take us next, the increasing rise of land prices which continued even throughout the financial crisis that hit in 2008, suggests that the future of agricultural is bright, particularly in North Wales. Industries throughout North Wales are booming at the moment from tourism, to sport and now agriculture. There has never been a better time to live and work here.

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